[Ontbirds] Saugeen Shores 10th CBC

Cindy Cartwright pom at bmts.com
Fri Jan 3 08:31:34 EST 2014

Saugeen Shores held its 10th CBC yesterday with deep snow and bitterly cold temperatures.  This is one of the last counts held in Ontario each year and is usually the first Wednesday of January (except in years when that date falls outside the official count period).

The count has accumulated a total of over 90 species in the past 10 years and the high record for Snowy Owls was broken again this year with 19 observed.  Several very interesting plumage variations were observed in Rough-legged Hawks including an almost black female.

There were 17 participants on the first count held January 5, 2005 including the following  who have supported the count over the years and were present for the 10th count: 
Marg Anderton, Cindy Cartwright, Bonnie Collins, John Cummings, Judy Duncan, Mike & Helen Penfold.  People were happy to see MIke Pickup feeling well enough to join us for the tally because although he was also present on the first count, he has been unable to participate in recent years.  There are usually 20-30 participants each year on this count and many have  attended more than 5 years.

The current compiler will send out more detailed results in the near future.

Happy New Year everyone,
Cindy Cartwright

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