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Fri Jan 3 09:28:02 EST 2014

The 10th Annual Saugeen Shores Christmas Bird
Count was held on Thursday, January 2, 2014.  Thirty-one (31) hardy folks spent a cold, -17C day, surveying a 24-km diameter
circle that included Southampton, Port Elgin, MacGregor Point, parts of Paisley
and areas in between.  The temperature
never wavered all day, however, the wind, thankfully, was light.  Around 6cm of fresh snow covered a thick
crust of snow.  Seven individuals
participated by counting the birds visiting their feeders.  A total of 55 species were seen.  A new low of 3387 individual birds were
sighted during the day.

A number of species were at new highs – American Robin (50),
Yellow-rumped Warbler (3), Bluejay (206), Common Goldeneye (64) and Snowy Owl (19).  There were also a number of noticeable low
count numbers – Rock Pigeon (137), American Kestrel (0), Snow Buntings (326)
and House Sparrow (38).  Black-capped
Chickadee (200) and European Starling (456) were also well below average in
reported sightings.  Many finch species
were either absent or seen in very low numbers as had been predicted in Ron
Pittaway’s Winter Finch Forecast for
2013-14.  New to the count were a Hermit Thrush and a White-crowned Sparrow (count week).

We summarized the count over dinner.  The team with the fewest sightings (24
species during the day) won the “honorary rubber chicken” presented by Mike
Pickup.  I am sure that the recipients
will proudly display this honorary bird on their mantle!

Thank you to all the participants who donated their time to contribute to this Citizen Science project which enhances the understanding of bird populations.

Norah Toth
Saugeen Shores Christmas Bird Count Compiler
Norah Toth

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