[Ontbirds] Mandarin Duck in Whitby

Mark Cranford [Ontbirds] ontbirds_coord at rogers.com
Sat Jan 4 19:50:10 EST 2014

I just talked on the phone with one of the volunteers who were asked 
assess the reported Mandarin Duck. I have not viewed this bird. Earlier 
the duck had been reported to be in distress. Assessment showed that the 
bird was alert and wary. There was no attempt to capture the duck. A net 
could have been used if it was deemed necessary. There are procedures 
for dealing with wildlife including exotics on public land and they are 
being followed.

Hopefully the weather will improve and the Mandarin will realize that 
Mallards are not the best role models.

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On 04/01/2014 2:00 PM, Peter Darcy wrote:
> The Mandarin Duck is still present at Lynde Shores conservation area. The bird most likely an escapee looks to be alert, pruning and in good health, other than the photographer lady trying to capture it in a fish net, who feels it needs rescued.
> Peter
> Lynde Shores conservation area is on Bayly between Ajax and Whitby. Bird is at the bridge and is stunning.
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