[Ontbirds] Black-crowned Night Heron (Windsor)

Kelly Morrissey kelly.morrissey at cogeco.ca
Wed Jan 8 21:00:23 EST 2014

When I arrived home at 3:45 today, there was an adult Black-crowned Night Heron on the far bank of the Little River, just across from my deck, which is just a few feet from the water’s edge. It sat still for a few crappy photos through my iPhone + spotting scope, but got annoyed with all the commotion once I started spreading the cracked corn blend on the snow for the mallards; it flew off toward the pollution control plant. Last year I had two immature all winter, but today was my first winter sighting of this species.

One can also get nice, close views of Hooded Mergansers at least once daily from my deck. They go up toward the pollution control plant and come back down river later. Photographers and birders are welcome anytime.

I am at 836 Riverdale Ave in the Riverside neighbourhood of Windsor.

Here is a map.     http://ow.ly/soWqE

The address is hard to see from the street. It’s the fifth driveway south of Wyandotte on the east side of the street. Come around back and quietly up the deck steps. You never know what kind of wildlife you may spook if you come up noisily or quickly.

Kelly Morrissey
kelly.morrissey at cogeco.ca

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