[Ontbirds] Snowy owl in Grimsby.

Suzanne Taylor thelovelylakme at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 20:39:47 EST 2014

I saw a snowy owl on the north service road in Grimsby tonight at 19:30
hours; my husband says he sees it a lot in the same area. It was large and
grooming its feathers and seemed to be pleased I stopped to take a picture
and say hello. It was on a light pole across from the Fifth Wheel truck
stop (where I don't recommend the food).

Take the QEW to Casablanca, head north to the lake, and turn right on the
north service road. You can park at the Fifth Wheel to observe,
but.....it's a truck stop with the usual truck stop 'service people'. ;)
Just so you know.

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