[Ontbirds] Ring-necked Duck (Windsor)

Kelly Morrissey kelly.morrissey at cogeco.ca
Mon Feb 3 06:52:30 EST 2014

Sorry for the late posting but it was approaching dusk when the bird was seen yesterday. I had a visiting birder / photographer from Michigan yesterday at 5:00 who stopped in after spending time at the marina with her camera just to assess the photography vantage potential of my back yard. While we were watching the waterfowl through the living room window, she spotted and pointed out to me and Chuck a nice male Ring-necked Duck swimming past (from pollution control plant toward Little River mouth). It was too late in the day for her to run back to the car for the camera, so no photos, I'm afraid.

I am at 836 Riverdale Ave in the Riverside neighbourhood of Windsor.

Here is a map.     http://ow.ly/soWqE

The address is hard to see from the street. It’s the fifth driveway south of Wyandotte on the east side of the street. Come around back and quietly up the deck steps. You never know what kind of wildlife you may spook if you come up noisily or quickly.

If you come, park anywhere in the deep driveway; just please don't block my downstairs neighbour's red car. Thanks!

Kelly Morrissey
kelly.morrissey at cogeco.ca

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