[Ontbirds] Varied Thrush continues at Guelph Lake Cons. Area.

A & K Williams kenang at bell.net
Sun Feb 9 20:02:05 EST 2014

The varied thrush was seen by many observers from the 10:00 hour 'till nearly noon on 20-30 min. intervals. Our last sighting involved the bird plucking crab apples from the tree, dropping them, and then disappearing below the tree. I wonder if that is its habit and it takes the intervening time to tear apart and to eat the apples out of sight below the tree. It does not seem to be flying around the bushes at all...
Ken Williams

The location is found on Conservation Drive about 3 km east of Highway 6 north of Guelph. The road to the dam is just west of the nature center at the conservation area. If the parking lot at the dam is full, there is parking available at the nature center, when it is open.

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