[Ontbirds] American Coot and Ring-necked Duck, etc. (Windsor)

Kelly Morrissey kelly.morrissey at cogeco.ca
Tue Feb 11 19:18:47 EST 2014

There was a lot of variety in the waterfowl on the Little River this afternoon and evening, including:

1 male Ring-necked Duck
1 American Coot
5 Canvasback
4 Common Merganser
1 Hooded Merganser female

There were also many Great Blue Herons, Mute Swans, and the usual hordes of Mallard and Canada Geese. At the feeders and heated bath, I’m getting American Robin and Red-winged Blackbird daily, as well as Song Sparrow.

I am at 836 Riverdale Ave in the Riverside neighbourhood of Windsor.

Here is a map.     http://ow.ly/soWqE

The address is hard to see from the street. It’s the fifth driveway south of Wyandotte on the east side of the street. Come around back and quietly up the deck steps. You never know what kind of wildlife you may spook if you come up noisily or quickly. There is no need to check if I’m home. Just please don’t block in the red car; that’s my downstairs neighbour. Thanks!

Kelly Morrissey
kelly.morrissey at cogeco.ca

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