[Ontbirds] Eastern Towhee Prince Edward County

murray Shields madmur38 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 11 21:02:41 EST 2014

Hi Birders, 

I am posting on behalf of Terry Culbert who has had 1 Male Eastern Towhee coming to his feeders in Prince Edward County near Wellington, Ontario. He also has a second Towhee which he says is much brighter. Hmmm? 
He has only seen the birds in the afternoon. They have been around for about a week. 

He will welcome visitors to his home which is also houses the Prince Edward County Studio. 

Terry's house is located at 
3339 County Road 2, Ameliasburg, On, KOK 1AO

Happy Birding!

Murray Shields

Spring is around the corner!

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