[Ontbirds] Prince Edward County - Common Grackles & Rusty Blackbirds

Wallace Rendell WRendell at Loyalistc.on.ca
Sat Feb 15 12:29:53 EST 2014

This morning in PEC:

Pair of Common Grackles at 3103 Co. Rd. 13 in South Bay;

About 25 Rusty Blackbirds at 472 Co. Rd. 10, just south of Ridge Rd., in a line of conifers near the house, very vocal;

Adult Bald Eagle visible in treeline along shore of Timber Island, from the Bird Observatory;

Robins beyond count singing and swarming through the red cedars of Long Point;

Lots of cedar waxwings with the robins, but no evidence of bohemians;

Great views of diving ducks (white-wing scoter, long-tiled duck, greater and lesser scaup, common goldeneye, red-breasted mergs) at the Bird Observatory.  Under calm conditions, thin ice is forming and forcing the birds into narrow leads close to shore, and in the low contrast light of the early morning, the views were spectacular.  Birds landing on the ice, or coming up from below, can just bust through.

Good birding, all!


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