[Ontbirds] Update: No picture so unable to confirm re Clay-colored Sparrow at Houghton Township east of Port Burwell

Kathryn Boothby kmboothby at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 16 17:45:31 EST 2014

Please note that there are no photos of this bird to confirm this sighting.
IF it reappears, we will try as this is obviously not something that is
expected at this time of year. Sorry to post without a picture to confirm.





A Clay-colored Sparrow at our feeders beginning at approx. 3:15 pm today
(Sun, Feb 16). First spotted and identified by Luke Stephenson and Ron


Kathryn Boothby

kmboothby at sympatico.ca <mailto:kmboothby at sympatico.ca> 


We are located at the southwest edge of Norfolk County approx 14 kms east of
Port Burwell, at the corner of Fairground Road and North Road.




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