[Ontbirds] Black-backed Woodpecker - K&P Trail NW Lanark County

iain wilkes iain.wilkes at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 9 11:16:03 EDT 2014

As part of my effort to record as many birds as possible in Lanark County in one year, I walked the K&P Trail in the northwest corner of the county on Saturday morning.  As well as numerous Red-breasted Nuthatches, Blue Jays and Purple Finches, I observed one Black-backed Woodpecker up close.  I found the bird after hearing a slow and not very rhythmic tapping which I tracked to maybe 30 feet off the trail.   Close by was a female BB Woodpecker working its' way along a fallen tree trunk.
The K&P Trail is a snowmobile and hiking trail between Kingston and Pembroke and can be reached by going west on Hwy 7 from Ottawa past Perth to Hwy 511.  Take 511 north to Brightside, then left onto French Line road.  Drive west to Joes Lake where you turn right onto Flower Station Road (look for the Blueberry Mtn  sign).  North until you reach Flower station where the trail crosses the road.   Walk the trail for 2 kilometers west while listening for the tapping.
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