[Ontbirds] King Eider Cobourg March 9

Margaret Bain mjcbain at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 9 11:41:48 EDT 2014

I did refind the female King Eider at the foot of Ontario Street about 10.30 this morning, Saturday March 9, but it took me nearly an hour to find it. 
Bright sunshine gave spectacular lighting, but there were scores of diving ducks in the area, mostly Long-tailed Ducks and Greater Scaup, all very actively diving and feeding among drifting ice floes, with 3 or 4 White-winged Scoters in the mix.
Eventually the eider just appeared in my scope, not too far offshore, when I’d almost given up hope, .

Leave Hwy.401 at Burnham Street, Exit 472, and go directly south. Burnham Street goes through several name changes finally becoming Ontario Street, but it’s a straight line south through innumerable traffic lights to the lake where Ontario Street deadends at a beach boardwalk.
Cobourg Creek meets the lake just west of Ontario Street and most of the diving ducks were slightly to the west of the foot of Ontario Street.

Margaret Bain
mjcbain at sympatico.ca

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