[Ontbirds] Yellow-throated Vireo at Humber College Aboretum.

Wayne via ONTBIRDS birdalert at ontbirds.ca
Tue May 6 11:17:47 EDT 2014

Seen in the willows along the river of the flood plane .... singing 
frequently. Viewed through 15x binoculars for two minutes: bright 
yellow chest and throat; yellow mask with yellow eye ring; olive cap an 
back; strong white barring on tips of greater secondaries and tertials; 
white underpart on low bellow and under tails coverts. Only 6 species 
of warblers by my first Northern Parula.

The campus is located off Humber College Boulevard which runs west off 
Highway #27 north of the 401.  There is parking lot at the west end of 
the campus near the Arboretum.  It is a small campus and easy to find.  
Access the flood plane behind the Interpretive Center.

Wayne Renaud

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