[Ontbirds] Lapland Longspurs, Richardson Side Rd. and Lakeshore Rd. 311, Essex County, Northeast of Leamington

Garth Riley via ONTBIRDS birdalert at ontbirds.ca
Wed May 7 20:51:41 EDT 2014

Hello Ontbirders,

We came across a large flock of breeding plumage Lapland Longspur in a field in the northwest corner of Richardson Side Rd. and Lakeshore Rd. 311 in Essex county this evening at 6 PM. A small number of birds were seen on the ground in the field and then suddenly a large number flew up into the very strong winds and then quickly back to the ground. While we were trying to spot them in the stubble (very difficult) another large flock flew in from the south west and joined them. There were large numbers flying up and back down as far as we could see looking north into the field. We made a very conservative estimate of 300+ birds.

Directions: Lakeshore Rd. 311 can be reached by taking Hwy. 77 south from the 401 or north from Leamington. Drive east until you come to Richardson Side Rd. which ends at a "T" intersection with Lakeshore Rd. 311. The birds were in the large field of stubble (not corn) Northwest of the intersection.

Good birding,
Garth Riley
Etobicoke, Ontario
rileygv at yahoo.com

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