[Ontbirds] Huge fall out of warblers at Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Toronto

Wayne via ONTBIRDS birdalert at ontbirds.ca
Tue May 13 12:47:18 EDT 2014

This morning I birded the park from 6:30 to 11:30 am.  There were few 
birds in first hour of birding but around 7:45 am a thunderstorm passed 
north bringing in some light rain causing a large fallout of warblers 
and other passerines.  I recorded 22 species of warblers but nothing 
super rare: abundance from high to low: Yellow-rumped: 85: 
Chestnut-sided and Magnolia: 25; Black-throated Green: 20; Yellow: 15; 
Blackburnian: 14; American Redstart, Tennessee and Black-throated Blue: 
12; Palm: 8; Common Yellowthroat: 5; Ovenbird and Bay-breasted: 4; 
Northern Parula: 3; Orange-crowned and Blackpoll: 2; singles of Hooded 
Warbler (female), Cape May, Canada and Wilson's. These number are very 
conservative.  Also in the dogwood patch a very tired and hungry Marsh 
Wren spent about 15 minutes feeding in small area. Also seen was a 
single Olive-sided Flycatcher and four Gray-cheeked Thrushes. A 
completed listing of 61 species seen is posted on E.bird. By the looks 
of things more waves of storms will be grounding a lot more migrants 
over the next few days .. and remember, it pays to go early because the 
birds often rapidly disperse or leave within a hour or less from the 
time of the groundings.

Direction: located at the south end of Colonel Samuel Smith Drive which 
runs south off the Kipling south of Lakeshore Boulevard.

Wayne Renaud

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