[Ontbirds] Prairie Warbler - Bethany, Kawartha Lakes

Kim Clark via ONTBIRDS birdalert at ontbirds.ca
Sun May 18 11:50:55 EDT 2014

I saw a prairie warbler this morning at 10:45 on an unassumed road just off the Victoria Rail Trail in Bethany, Kawartha Lakes.

It flew onto a low open branch after having just obviously had a bath.  Sat preening at eye level for about 1 minute.  Very obvious chestnut streaking on the back, black facial markings with bright yellow eyebrow, black streaks on sides, two wing bars.  Flew off and not found again.  

Kim Clark - Bethany

From Highway 115, take the Porter Road exit and go north.  Turn right onto Weston road.  Follow Weston Road until it ends and becomes an unassumed road.  Walk the road to almost the other end (less than 1 km).  When you go down the hill, you will see an open area on your right (a bit marshy).  That is where the Prairie warbler was as well as a mourning warber.

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