[Ontbirds] Ruddy duck at Nonquon Lagoons

Colette Descent via ONTBIRDS birdalert at ontbirds.ca
Tue Jun 3 12:53:14 EDT 2014

Today, a beautiful male Ruddy Duck and his mate were spotted in lagoon #2 (counting from the East), along with a few Scaups (lesser and greater), Blue winged teals and black terns. A pair of wood ducks was seen in the South Lagoon.
The lagoons are in port Perry. 401 Oshawa take simcoe and go north to port
Perry. Travel east on 8 at the north end of town and lagoons are on your
left. Permit required.The lagoons are located one road north of the transfer site on Concession Rd. 8 [don't get confused as, despite the fact that these roads are both numbered "8", they are two different roads - one is a regional paved road, the other a dirt concession road.]. Access to the lagoons is from the east end of Conc. 8 only as the bridge is out west of the lagoons.Colette

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