[Ontbirds] Lake Huron shoreline trip

Cindy Cartwright pom at bmts.com
Mon Sep 8 11:32:37 EDT 2014

Eleven birders spent a windy day along the Lake Huron shoreline on Saturday,
September 6th. 


Beginning at Oliphant, we worked our way down the coast checking a variety
of usually good birding locations. Unfortunately, the high winds from the
major storm (which spawned a tornado inland) on Friday afternoon had pushed
water levels up, leaving very few mud flats for shorebirds, and driving many
birds out of the area. Lake Huron was very rough, making it impossible to
locate birds on the water. 


We were fortunate to find 42 species along the shore with the weather
conditions. The trip officially ended at Baie du Dore around 4 pm, and Maris
checked Kettle Point later in the day on his way home.


The leaders are considering splitting the trip into two days next year -
Oliphant to Kincardine, and Ripley to Kettle Point. This would decrease the
amount of driving in a single day, allow time to visit more locations, and
possibly make carpooling easier. Feedback on this idea would be appreciated.


Cindy Cartwright and Maris Apse

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