[Ontbirds] Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Poth Road, Haldimand County (near rock point PP), Sept. 11th

Leonard Manning olivesided at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 09:40:22 EDT 2014


This morning at 7:15 AM, I had a Buff-breasted Sandpiper, just east of the
traditional `Poth Road Sod Farm` on Poth Road, near Stromness, Haldimand
County. The bird was at the back(south end) of a large dirt field just east
of the eastern tree line that borders the Sod Farm on the south east corner
of Hutchison and Poth Roads.

A scope is absolutely mandatory. And it`s blustery!

There were also 216 Killdeer(yeah, I counted), and 14 Black-bellied Plovers
in the vicinity.

>From Hamilton, travel south on HWY 56 until you get to HWY 3. Travel east
on 3 through Dunnville, and eventually you come to Hutchison Road.Go south
on Hitchison and eventually on your left you will see Poth Road. Go east,
check the sod farm here, but continue east past the first tree line until
you see the dirt field.Be patient, the bird blends in real nice.

Len Manning
Hamilton, ON, 289-456-6502

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