[Ontbirds] Sep 12 totals from Hawk Hill, Toronto

Tim McCarthy timmccarthy_5 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 12 21:08:44 EDT 2014

from: Tim Mccarthy via Ontbirds
Hawk Hill shifted from slow waltz to tango today (full rock and roll is coming up)
Winds NNE around 11-13km changing to SSE and finally South 
Temp from 12 to 14 degr. Cels.
Cloudcover from 100 down to 75
Pressure going up then down
Humidity from 63 in the morning to 50 in aft.
What this tells us could we read it all in advance is that today was going to be a good but not outstanding day for Raptor migration. And so it was.
Action indicated? Go back to work and say that Grandma didn't pass away after all , but she's not doing all that good. Prognosis? She's going to go next Tuesday. (NW winds - I'll see you on the Hill )
Totals for Sept 12 from Hawk Hill were not bad today:
Turkey Vulture      6
Osprey                    2
Bald Eagle              7
Northern Harrier   1
Sharpshin              58
Coopers                  3
Broadwings           24
Red tails                 22
Am Kestrel              8
Merlin                      2
Peregrine falc         1
Unid                         2
Old Human Watchers         4
New Human Watchers        2
Ther are a couple of numbers from the list above that please me. Of course its wonderful to see the broadwings get started. Note that conditions are slightly less than ideal, everybody (I mean the birds) was really high. I think my head is going to fall off from looking for them.   Bald Eagles seem to be on the increase over the past few years and what we see so far supports that. Not so often anymore that you get to see good news from Ma Nature. And finally its the people. Do we ever need more interested people. Hopefully stuff like this will help to do the trick and the new folks who came today said they had heard about the Watch and were very curious. They stayed and learned and had a terrific time. And most importantly they will be back again. There's still lots of room on Hawk Hill. If the weather report for Tuesday stays the same as it is now we are going to be in for a super day.
Hawk Hill is right next to the Grenadier Restaurant (to the North) in Toronto's High Park. Drive and park right next to the hill after taking a slight but well marked detour or take the subway, get off at the High Park station, cross Bloor St. and walk South until you find the Grenadier Restaurant.
Good Birding
Tim Mccarthy
 on behalf of theToronto Ornithological Club

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