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Ottawa Field Naturalists' Club
Ottawa/Gatineau (National Capital Region) E. Ontario, W. Quebec
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Recent reports to October 30, 2014

Highlights of the week were: CANVASBACK (8) on the west side of the Shirleys Bay causeway on the 25th and (2m 2f) along the Gatineau shore of the Ottawa River east of the Deschenes Rapids on the 26th, BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER (2m 1f) during the week along the Jack Pine Trail in the Stony Swamp Conservation Area and (1f) on the Shirleys Bay causeway on the 29th, the first BOHEMIAN WAXWING of the fall was seen on the 27th in Pakenham where up to 80 EVENING GROSBEAK, a juvenile RED-HEADED WOODPECKER and an adult RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER (m) were also present. Extremely rare for this area of Ontario a GRAY JAY was seen on the 25th NW of Larose Forest, a GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was found near Limoges on the 26th and an adult GOLDEN EAGLE flew east over March Valley Rd on the 25th.

A Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) volunteer found BOREAL CHICKADEE killed in collisions with downtown Ottawa building windows on the 24th and 29th.

With the relatively moderate weather for this time of year there have been a number of very late sightings for our area: OSPREY today at the Britannia Conservation Area, SPOTTED SANDPIPER along the shore at the NE corner of Petrie Island on the 29th, SAVANNAH SPARROW (4) at the Embrun lagoon on the 26th, TURKEY VULTURE in the La Peche area on the 26th, LINCOLN'S SPARROW and NORTHERN PARULA on the 30th. 

BARROW'S GOLDENEYE (1m) has arrived pretty much right on time on the 27th on Dow's Lake and on the 29th possibly the same bird on the Rideau River at Strathcona Park. 

Interesting sightings were: immature NORTHERN GOSHAWK at Shirleys Bay and the Jack Pine trail, EASTERN BLUEBIRD near Munster on the 23rd, LONG-TAILED DUCK (16) west of the Shirleys Bay causeway on the 25th and BLUE-WINGED TEAL (m) on Petrie Island on the 29th. 

Thanks to everyone who contributed bird observations.
Good birding.   		 	   		  

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