[Ontbirds] HSR: Holiday Beach Conservation Area (02 Nov 2014) 472 Raptors

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Sun Nov 2 18:11:50 EST 2014

Holiday Beach Conservation Area
Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
Daily Raptor Counts: Nov 02, 2014

Species            Day's Count    Month Total   Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Turkey Vulture             315            884          47612
Osprey                       0              0             53
Bald Eagle                   4             11            247
Northern Harrier             9             24            427
Sharp-shinned Hawk          26             81           7705
Cooper's Hawk                4             10            296
Northern Goshawk             1              2              9
Red-shouldered Hawk         17             57            377
Broad-winged Hawk            0              0          36348
Red-tailed Hawk             84            338           1697
Rough-legged Hawk            3              9             15
Golden Eagle                 5             16             43
American Kestrel             0              4           1023
Merlin                       0              0             69
Peregrine Falcon             0              2             48
Unknown Accipiter            0              1             23
Unknown Buteo                4              7            190
Unknown Eagle                0              0              1
Unknown Falcon               0              1              7
Unknown Raptor               0              0             46
Swainson's Hawk              0              0              1

Total:                     472           1447          96237

Observation start time: 08:00:00 
Observation end   time: 15:00:00 
Total observation time: 7 hours

Official Counter:        Cindy Isenhoff

Observers:        Dan Lumm, Jenna McDermott, Jim McCoy, Larry Ludwicki,
                  Paul Pratt

Special thanks to "the regulars" for all their help in spotting and
identifing distant birds.  Today was truely a group effort with Dan Lumm
and Paul Pratt manning the spotting scopes, and Jim McCoy, Jenna McDermott
and Larry Ludwicki searching for distant birds.  Several couples braved the
chilly temperatures to enjoy a beautiful sunny day and join us on the tower
for and hour or two at a time.

A chilly morning with our first hour temperature reading at 0 degrees C
warmed to 8.6C by late afternoon.  Skies were clear and sunny with only a
slight amount of cloud cover mid day.  Winds started the day from the NW
but shifted to W by 11am and SW by noon.  A thin layer of ice covered the
pond to the east of the tower until about 10am.

Raptor Observations:
Raptors were distant for the most part today.  Ten species were recorded
today -- Falcons were a no show!  We had a stunning Adult Northern Goshawk
pass over the trout pond and marsh in the 9am hour eye level from the top
of the tower.  Five Golden Eagles today, all distant and high trying to
sneak by without notice.  Red-tailed Hawks were our high count hawk today
with 84 counted.  Turkey Vultures are still on the move with 315.

Non-raptor Observations:
Large flocks of Red-winged Blackbirds, mixed with Grackles were on the move
as well as American Crows.  American Goldfinch are still coming thru in
groups of 6 - 25 birds.  Several Tree Swallows were noted today going over
singly, or in pairs.  Eastern Bluebirds were heard but lost in the blue
skies along with Lapland Longspurs, Pine Sisken, & Tufted Titmouse.  Great
Egrets are still in the marsh (5), along with Great Blue Herons (7).  All
the usual suspects in the duck world with a couple additions being 2 Hooded
Mergansers, 5 Horned Grebes (out in lake Erie), 11 Tundra Swans, & 2

Slightly warmer temperatures than today with cloudy skies and SW winds.
Report submitted by Cindy Isenhoff (akahawklady1 at aol.com)
Holiday Beach Conservation Area information may be found at:

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