[Ontbirds] Hamilton Naturalists Club Birding Report - Friday, December 19th, 2014

Cheryl Edgecombe cheryle29 at cogeco.ca
Fri Dec 19 21:29:35 EST 2014


Harlequin Duck
Common Goldeneye x Hooded Merganser
Common Loon
Horned Grebe
Rough-legged Hawk
Peregrine Falcon
Glaucous Gull
Snowy Owl
Belted Kingfisher
Winter Wren
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Hermit Thrush
Yellow-rumped Warbler
White-winged Crossbill
Pine Siskin

Well its Christmas here in the Hamilton Study Area.  Given the list of last
week, I didn't think it could be topped, guess I was wrong.  This weeks bird
of the week is a PAINTED BUNTING found coming to a feeder on Arkendo Drive
in Oakville.  The bird appeared last weekend briefly, another sighting on
Monday which the owner of the feeder was able to catch a photograph.  Since
then, it has been slightly more regular probably due to colder weather and
maybe more people looking.  The people who live on Arkendo have been most
accommodating in letting birders view the birds from various locales of
access to the yard.  There are a couple of viewing opportunities between
houses 39 and 45 and 39 and 33.  The homeowners here have asked me to ask
birders to limit numbers and take turns, if you have seen the bird from one
of these points, please be kind enough to let others in to look at the bird.
Another place to look for is from the road between 3 and 5 Arkendo.  The
bird comes to the Magnolia Tree which borders the yard and is visible from
this area.  PLEASE NOTE, there is no access to property or yards without the
homeowners permission.  If you are asked to leave, please respect the wishes
of the homeowner.  Most of them are very excited about the celebrity on the
street and have been very gracious even bringing coffee for birders today.
Getting this bird on the Peel CBC is a target tomorrow.  Other birds to look
for while trying to see the Bunting are a Hermit Thrush and White-winged
Crossbill seen at Arkendo Park which runs along Arkendo drive.  The
White-winged Crossbill was down near the end of the road where there is a
small circular turn around.

As if the rest of the list is same old same old, Sedgewick Park continues to
dazzle people with the variety of warblers there.  RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET,
continue to be seen.  The NASHVILLE has not been reported the last couple of
days but is likely still around.  If someone sees this species, please
report it for the count.  Please note that parking is allowed at the
Jehovah's Witness parking lot on Saturday but not Sunday.  Access on Sunday
is through the entrance at the end of Hixon Road.  

Down at Bayfront Park, a PALM WARBLER was seen up until Sunday.  It may
still be around but everyone's running for the Bunting!  A RUBY-CROWNED
KINGLET, ORANGE-CROWNED and Yellow-rumped Warblers were also seen along the
waterfront trail.  As well for a brief time last Sunday a 1st winter male
Harlequin Duck was seen but flushed after a short time.

Lastly, a MARSH WREN was refound at the Dundas Hydro Ponds on the path which
is accessed from just beside the Desjardins Canal on the east side of the
canal heading south into the marsh.

In the odds and sods this week a Common Goldeneye x Hooded Merganser hybrid
was seen in the west harbour by the docks near Williams Pub near the former
Discovery Centre, now Sarcoa.  Two Common Loons were also seen on the bay.
Horned Grebes seem to be in some numbers with reports from the harbour and
from Bronte.  A Rough-legged Hawk along with a Peregrine Falcon were seen at
the quarry on 10th Road East up in Saltfleet.  A Glaucous Gull flew over
Bayfront Park while birders were on the hunt for the Palm Warbler.  A Snowy
Owl seems to have taken up permanent residence for the winter at Bronte
Harbour being seen mostly on the breakwall at the back of the harbour. A
Belted Kingfisher was a good winter bird found at Lowville today.  Winter
Wren and Golden-crowned Kinglets are accompanying all the goodies at
Sedgewick Park.  Reports of Hermit Thrush came from Arkendo Park and a yard
in Dundas. There have been several reports of Pine Siskins at feeder this
week so keep them stocked.

Count week for the Hamilton CBC starts on the 23rd so if you are out and
about, please send your sightings. The Hamilton Christmas Bird Count is
December 26th. As you can see by the list here, ANYTHING can happen.

All the best this holiday season, have a safe and happy Christmas.

Cheryl Edgecombe

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