[Ontbirds] Massive Sandhill Crane exodus in Erie Beach, Chatham-Kent

Steve Charbonneau steve.charbonneau60 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 13:00:49 EST 2015

Hello Everyone,
At 12:35 this afternoon, I stepped outside of my house and immediately
heard the calls of sandhill cranes coming from above.  I couldn't see them
due to the trees, so I jumped into my car and headed down the road towards
the west, with my eyes up (and a bit on the road).  I found them about a
half kilometre along, in 2 long lines, very high and moving west rapidly
along the shore of Lake Erie.  I estimate there were between 200 and 300
birds in total.  Perhaps the Long Point birds decided to leave the province
today.  I'd be interested to hear if they were seen over the tip of Pelee
today and if the Long Point birders note that the birds there have
departed.  You can email me privately.............I'd really like a more
accurate number, as this would represent a high for the Rondeau area.
Erie Beach is a small village to the west of Erieau on Lake Erie in
Chatham-Kent.  Trust me, the cranes are LONG gone.
Steve Charbonneau

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