[Ontbirds] Varied Thrush, Kitchener

Ken Burrell kenneth.gd.burrell at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 16:06:15 EST 2015

Hi Birders,

My apologies for not posting sooner, but I just received permission to post
now. There has been a Varied Thrush coming sporadically to a backyard
feeder along Dunnington Court, in the Stanley Park area of Kitchener. The
bird was originally found on the 16th and has been seen several times
since. While sightings have been few, I think the bird is actually quite
regular in the area, but it just frequents several feeders in the vicinity.

I think the best area to look for the bird is in the greenspace, known as
the 'Idlewood Greenway', behind many of the houses which front Dunnington
Court and Drumoak Place. There are several feeders that are potential spots
where the bird could be. The eBird link, below, is centred exactly where I
observed the bird on Monday.

Directions: taking Hwy. 85 north from Hwy. 401, exit at and go east on
Ottawa Street. Take this to Old Chicopee and turn right. Take this
Edenbridge and turn left. There are several access points, I'd suggest
either accessing the greenspace from Edenbridge, the end of Darlington, or
along Oldfield Drive.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Good luck!

Ken Burrell
kenneth.gd.burrell at gmail.com

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