[Ontbirds] Light grey GYRFALCON spotted yesterday at Moose Creek landfill site (Feb 1 East of Casselman)

Jacques Bouvier bouvier at magma.ca
Mon Feb 2 12:32:14 EST 2015

Hi everyone,


The Gyrfalcon was seen for a few seconds yesterday afternoon by Joel Coutu
as it was chasing European Starlings far from the road over the dump site.
Several birders were present but only one person saw it. After conversing
with many birders, it appears that a 3 to 4 hour stay does not guarantee a
gyr sighting, and when seen, the looks are not always good.  But some people
have been lucky and have had long looks at close enough range, and witnessed
interesting behaviour.  To increase your chances of seeing it, park at
loading zone 2 or 3; it will give you a wider view of the area and you will
be able to see most of the poles and earth mounds that it sometimes perches


See this link to see a new photo of the Gyrfalcon in flight and find out
which experts, and why, are calling the Laflèche road Gyrfalcon a grey morph
(colour) and not a white one; there is also a map showing where the
Gyrfalcon is being seen:




At this next link you will find photos showing which wildlife you can see
from Laflèche road while you wait for the Gyrfalcon to appear:







The Laflèche Rd landfill site is located at the dead end of Laflèche Road.


>From HWY 417 take HWY 138 south (exit 58), turning right on Laflèche road
which is the first road south of the 417. The dump is at the end of the dead
end road, however, the public is not allowed past the main gate. The road is
fairly busy (except Sundays) so it is best to park as far as you can on the
shoulder (well ploughed lately). Look for the Gyrfalcon chasing the numerous
starlings or gulls at the site; not always visible from the road. Park near
the signs indicating loading zone 2 or 3 to get a better vantage point.

Good Luck.



Jacques Bouvier,  St-Isidore ON

Mes galeries de photos d'oiseaux (EEO birds):





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