[Ontbirds] "Hornemann's" Hoary Redpoll- South Porcupine

Roxane Filion roxanefilion7 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 7 19:00:44 EST 2015

Hi everyone,
We had a "Hornemann's" Hoary Redpoll visiting our yard on 3 occasions this week (Feb 3, 5 and 7) in South Porcupine (Cochrane District).  The bird's larger size is very noticeable compared to the surrounding Common Redpolls.  It is paler overall and has pure white undertail and rump.  Its bill is also smaller.
For anyone wanting to view this bird, it is best to try between 8am and 10am (that's when it was seen the 3 times)  The feeder is in our front yard (but barely visible from the street... so you can contact me if you want to view it from inside the house)  Note: It feeds on the ground (almost never on feeder) and it rarely stays more than 10 minutes.
Address:  16 Helmer, South Porcupine(South Porcupine is located near the city of Timmins, in Northern Ontario's Cochrane District.)
Don't hesitate to contact me for updates or more detailed directions.
Roxane Filionemail:  roxanefilion7 at hotmail.comtelephone: (705) 235-2998 or cell: (705) 363-6568
Some photos can be seen on my flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/106603596@N06/16277275520/


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