[Ontbirds] Harris' Sparrow - Oakville

Cheryl Edgecombe cheryledge29 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 13:16:18 EST 2015

Richard Poort has just called to advise that the bird was seen on the path
on the north side east of the small bridge that crosses the creek where
there is a stand of small spruces and pines.  I post because it does not
inflict on people's property and the bird is coming in to some seed which
is on the path.  Another birder has offered to go and get more seed so that
the bird has plenty and that people can enjoy the bird without being
intrusive.  Please keep in mind though that the bird needs its distance to
come in to eat in this cold weather.


Follow Burloak Drive south of Rebecca. The trail is on the east side of
Burloak but you will have to park on a side street as there is no parking
on Burloak. Walk east along the trail to the small bridge which crosses the
creek and then east on the north trail.

Alternatively you can turn left on Stevenson which runs off Burloak and
make a left at the second entrance to Willmott Crescent. The trail can be
accessed here through a small parkette called Willmott Park. Walk west
along the trail to the spruces and then go south into the bush to where the
houses are. Take the entrance to the trail at the back of the park and
continue straight over the small iron bridge and turn east.

Thanks for the generosity of the birder who supplied food.  Its nice to see
an act of kindness to counteract the ridiculous events of yesterday.  This
is a great bird for all to enjoy.



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