[Ontbirds] Cape May Warbler

Miranda O'Hara miro1 at sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 13 15:22:12 EST 2015

Sadly, after a bitterly cold night, our little Cape May Warbler did not appear this morning. We waited and waited, but now have to conclude that he succumbed to the freezing temperatures last night. He always had plenty of food and warmth in his heated shelter during the day, so that wasn’t an issue. The last time we saw him was last night (February 12th) at 5.30 pm when he flew off to roost, after stocking up on food, and warming under the heater for half an hour. Thanks to everyone who came up to see him, he sure was a special little guy. Tim and I became quite fond of him, and with all of life’s trials and tribulations he became a real source of joy to us.
Miranda O’Hara

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