[Ontbirds] ADMIN: Birding under winter conditions

Mark Cranford [Ontbirds] ontbirds_coord at rogers.com
Sat Feb 14 23:06:27 EST 2015

It's time to reacquaint birders to the Ontario Field Ornithologists Code 
of Ethics http://www.ofo.ca/site/page/view/aboutus.ethics  Specifically, 
the welfare of birds must come first.

Given conditions this evening it is probably moot to restate the 
obvious, life as a bird is harsh.  To survive, birds need to feed, they 
need their space, anyone watching or photographing birds needs to 
consider the impact their activity has on birds.  Do not approach too 
closely, exercise restraint especially in winter. If a bird cannot feed 
it may not survive. I'm thinking about the Painted Bunting and the 
Harris's Sparrow in Oakville but this really applies to all birds in 
winter.  Minimize disturbance and back off at the first sign of 
agitation. The welfare of birds must come first.
Mark Cranford
ONTBIRDS Coordinator
Mississauga, ON
mark.cranford at ofo.ca
905 279 9576

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