[Ontbirds] Black-backed Woodpecker, Feb 21 noon - Claremont Conservation Area

Rick Lauzon rlauzon at total.net
Sat Feb 21 17:31:04 EST 2015

I saw the bird to the west of the entrance road, perhaps a little south of the stone thing on the east side, a few hundred yards north of the parking lot on Concession 7 (just west of Westney Rd).  There are several rows of Red Pine in there, mixed with spruce and other trees.  I saw some well worked trees where it had been feeding, with bark chips all over the new snow.  Obviously the bird moves around to various favourite locations.  So stop and listen carefully at a few spots up the road.  Snow is maybe a foot deep in the woods.  Snowshoes not required yet.  Good luck. 		 	   		  

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