[Ontbirds] Caledonia Ducks

RW Bullock rwbullock at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 08:47:50 EST 2015

Hello Everyone:

I observed 13 species of ducks in Caledonia yesterday going to, and
returning from the OFO Haldimand trip.  The Grand River there is open
upstream from the rapids under the  rail bridge to downstream of the old
bridge for cars.  The diving ducks are upstream in the rapids, best viewed
from the north bank.  (Parking lot by the Canada Post "superbox.".)

Mallard, American Black, Canvasback(1),Redhead,Greater(1) and Lesser (1)
Scaup, Long-tailed (1), Common Goldeneye, Bufflehead, 3x Merganser, and a

There were hundreds and hundreds of  Goldeneyes so Barrow's may have been
present.  Gulls also present.

Open water in Dunnville too; but far fewer species.

Directions: The traffic bridge is one block south of the heart of

Many thanks,


R.W. Bullock, MD,CCFP(EM)
Emergency Physician, Hamilton Health Sciences
Associate Clinical Professor, McMaster University

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