[Ontbirds] Hamilton Naturalists Club Birding Report - Friday, February 27th, 2015

Cheryl Edgecombe cheryle29 at cogeco.ca
Fri Feb 27 18:04:08 EST 2015

PAINTED BUNTING  (last seen February 19th)

Wild Turkey
Turkey Vulture
Rough-legged Hawk
Sandhill Crane
Snowy Owl
Short-eared Owl
Horned Lark
Brown Creeper
Eastern Bluebird
Hermit Thrush
American Robin
Cedar Waxwing
Snow Bunting
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Fox Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow
Red-winged Blackbird
Common Redpoll
Pine Siskin

Winter listing ends in earnest tomorrow, it would be nice if winter did too!
Action has been a little scarce over the past two weeks but hardy birders
that have thick skin, have been out and about and here is a summary of their

A nice find was a BOHEMIAN WAXWING found with a flock of American Robins at
J.C. Saddington Park at the end of Mississauga Road in Mississauga.  Also
present there is a small flock of Common Redpolls that seem to be consistent

Sadly the last day for the PAINTED BUNTING was February 19th.  It did well
to make it this far into the winter given the harsh conditions.  Thanks to
those who contributed to feeding the Bunting while it was there.

The HARRIS'S SPARROW is still actively feeding on the path at the Sheldon
Creek Trail as of today. Stay a distance away for birds to feed and if you
have some feed, bring some along.  Along with it, White-throated Sparrows
and Pine Siskins are also frequenting the seed patch.

A hotspot this week are the trails behind Olympic Arena.  Found this week
were up to three Yellow-rumped Warblers, Fox Sparrow, and Red-winged

In the odds and sods this week, a Canvasback and American Wigeon can still
be found at the Desjardin's Canal.  Wild Turkeys were seen in a flock south
of Willow Grove and up on Ridge Road west of 10th Road East,.  A lone Turkey
Vulture was seen on Concession 2 west of Orkney Road. A Rough-legged Hawk
was cruising the field near Burloak and QEW today.  Rough-legged Hawks are
plenty down in Haldimand.  Sandhill Cranes have been seen just outside of
the HSA along River Road between Cayuga and Dunnville.  Snowy Owls were
reported from Bronte Harbour and at First line and McKenzie Road down in
Haldimand.  Cruising the snow covered roads in Flamborough and in Haldimand
sporadic flocks of Horned Larks and Snow Buntings can be found.  A couple of
flocks were seen near Lynden Road on 4th Concession West in Flamborough.
Another flock was seen along Duxbury Road east of Hagersville.  Eastern
Bluebirds have been reported on the Hamilton Brantford Rail Trail west of
Highway 52 and in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area where Sawmill Trail
crosses over McCormack Trail.  A Hermit Thrush was a nice surprise near
Upper Wellington last week sunning and drinking water on a porch.  Flocks of
American Robins have been more prevalent with some in the Dundas Valley,
flying over the 403 on the Ancaster Hill and as mentioned at Saddington.
Cedar Waxwings, a group of about 40 were seen near the Beverly Greenhouses
on 4th Concession West east of Westover Road.  A residence nearby had an
active feeder with two White-crowned Sparrows.  

That's the news for now.  Get out there tomorrow, it's supposed to be warmer
(ish) and find that closer to the winter list.  Send your sightings here.

Cheryl Edgecombe

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