[Ontbirds] Fwd: Oldsquaw / Long-Tailed Duck / Clangula Hyemalis

Dave Walmsley dwalms0 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 19:49:43 EDT 2015

Ontario Birders: This afternoon at about 1:00pm, I saw a single Oldsquaw
duck in Pickering, Lake Ontario. The single bird was quite shy and would
not allow me to get closer than 100 yards, while I walked along the shore.
Fortunately I was able to get a few pictures which helped in identifying
this bird, as I have never seen one before. He (male) was actively diving
and would disappear for up to a couple of minutes, though the water was not
too deep, right in the inlet to Frenchmans Bay. He did have a long pointy
tail. A pair of Mute Swans were also present in the same location. In the
(Frenchmans) Bay, it is teaming with a multitude of all kinds of birds as

Directions: It is very simple to find this location. Drive south on
Liverpool Road from the 401 or from Bayly St, to the south end (of
Liverpool) to Lake Ont. There is a parking lot there. Take the pathway that
goes to the west, along the lake. At the end of this path you will see a
long spit that extends out into the lake, which is the entrance for boats
into Frenchmans Bay. The Oldsquaw was located right in this channel, at
about the middle/centre between shore and the far end.

*David Walmsley,*

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