[Ontbirds] Ross's Goose at Aylmer WMA Monday March 30

Dave Martin damartin at xplornet.com
Mon Mar 30 18:22:43 EDT 2015

The Ross's Goose and 2 blue morph Snow Geese are still being seen 
throughout the day every day at Aylmer WMA and are relatively easy to 
pick out. Both spend most of the day fairly close to the two main 
viewing stands.

Five Cackling Geese were seen well today, possibly the same 5 that were 
reported last Friday.

The main  pond is still about 40% frozen. The count for Tundra Swans 
increased to 1800 today while Canada Goose remains in the 400 range.

Highlights today included the arrival of a Sandhill Crane, a Northern 
Shrike that was seen most of the afternoon hunting the Bobolink meadow 
north of the stands, an Eastern Meadowlark back on territory and at 
least two Rough-legged Hawks.

Aylmer WMA is northeast of Aylmer in Elgin County. From Hwy 401 drive 
south from Exit 203 on Elgin Road / Hwy 73 which becomes Imperial Road 
once you are in Elgin County. Turn left/east on College Line. Turn 
right/south on Hacienda Road and drive to the south end of the Ontario 
Police College. Turn left/east and follow the laneway to the viewing stands.

Dave Martin and Linda Wladarski
damartin at xplornet.com
Harrietsville Ontario

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