[Ontbirds] Far Eastern Ontario Snow goose Migration

Tyler Hoar thoar at rogers.com
Sat Apr 4 11:59:45 EDT 2015

Greater Snow Geese Migration.
Currently there is approximately 10,000 Greater Snow Geese in the Lancaster Ontario area. Field conditions are great with lots of mud and wet open fields= food. The 5cm of snow we got overnight is melting quickly.

Other geese observed includes 1 Ross Goose, 1 probable hybrid Ross/snow goose (small goose who would not wake up) 2 Greater White-fronted Geese, 2000+ Canada Geese.
There is 30-50,000 Snow geese just south of Ontario across the the St Lawrence River sw of Valleyfield Quebec currently

All this food = predators. This morning I had 2 Bald and 1 Golden watching the flocks. Another 2 Balds along the Ottawa River.Other highlights: Bohemian waxwings, snow buntings, Common redpolls  Northern Pintails Snowy Owl, and a Red-necked Grebe on Ottawa River below Carilion Dam.DirectionsSt Lawrence river is frozen basically except for river mouths and where the icebreakers are working. Geese are roosting out on the ice. They are foraging in their tradional fields around Lancaster, North Lancaster and Glenn Robertson areas.Carilion Dam is on the Ottawa River on the Ontario Quebec border east of Hawkesbury.

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