[Ontbirds] Eurasian Wigeon - Still present in Notfolk

David Pryor stg1 at sympatico.ca
Sun Apr 5 15:33:13 EDT 2015

After a fruitless scan of about 45 minutes, the bird finally popped it's head up and swam along one of the sections of open water. Norm Holden and I first got onto it while it's head was visible. As advised by Len Manning et al., a scope is definitely required. 

Patience may be necessary as the flooded section of field where the waterfowl are congregating has several contours/ridges and birds can disappear for long stretches of time behind these contours.

Directions: 1km north of the intersection of East quarter line and Norfolk county road
45 at Big Creek. Park the car near the bridge and look westward.

David Pryor

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