[Ontbirds] Nonquon Lagoons - Important Message re construction access limitations.

Geoff Carpentier geoff.carpentier at gmail.com
Thu May 14 09:53:00 EDT 2015

Good Morning:

If you plan on visiting Nonquon lagoons in the next 1-2 weeks pls be advised that the site is now considered an active construction site and access limitations are being imposed immediately. Birders are being advised that they may only use the easterly most access road and may not travel along the south or north access roads until the site is reopened to birders. This essentially means that you can only view the easterly and the east part of the southerly most lagoons until further notice. This restriction is 24/7 regardless of whether construction crews are onsite or not. Pls respect these limitations and do not trespass during this period. 

Thanks for you cooperation and pls don’t forget your permits. If you know anyone who doesn't subscribe to this List Serve pls pass along this message. I will let you know when the limitations are lifted.

Thx Geoff

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If possible, I was hoping you could put a notice out to your members asking that they stay clear of any area that construction activities are happening.  We currently have open trenches and heavy equipment working around the lagoons.  They should be out of that area within the next two weeks, but until that time members of the public are not permitted in the same area for safety and legal reasons.  Once we’re done our work in those areas your members may continue to use the property as they have been.  In the interim, I ask that they stay to the east side of the property (east of the most easterly lagoon) to avoid us.

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