[Ontbirds] FW: Hillman Marsh OFO Shorebird Night Volunteers May 2015

dave milsom milsomdave at hotmail.com
Sun May 31 21:55:36 EDT 2015

 Now that the shorebirds are heading to their breeding grounds, we would once again like to express our gratitude to the platoon of dedicated volunteers who so ably assisted birders at the Hillman Marsh shorebird cell on so many occasions during the month of May :
Jean Iron, Ellen Smout , Mike Austin, Mike Malone, Gary Stephey, Candy Stephey, Justin Peter, Mike Tate, Bob Cermak, Ron Tozer, Mike Nelson, Sarah Rupert, Mike Burrell, Ken Burrell, John Carley, Victoria Carley,  Kevin McLaughlin, Lynne Freeman, Ivor Williams, 
Jeremy Bensette, Pete Read, Ian Shanahan, Chris Earley, Tony Beck, Nina Stavlund, Geof Burbidge, Willie D'Anna, Marvin and Janet Medelko, Cameron Cox, Scott Watson , Andrew Spencer, Ken Behrens, and Keith Barnes.
If I have missed anyone, please let me know and I will ask forgiveness. There are others who wanted to help but were drawn by other commitments. We will need you next year when we try to extend the evening sessions to at least 10 evenings from May 1st to Victoria Day weekend.
The program has been a tremendous success. We now require extended parking facilities and will look into a new display in the bird blind of all the duck and waterbird species using the reserve.
Thanks again to all, and continue to enjoy the great birding Ontario has to offer.
Dave Milsom
OFO  Director
milsomdave at hotmail.com








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