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Recent sightings to June 11, 2011
Two good birds of last week put in a re-appearance this week.  
The LITTLE EGRET was refound on the 7th on upper reaches of the Carp River in Kanata and was seen there again on the 8th before relocating northwest on the same river near Palladium Drive.  On the evening of the 8th it was seen roosting on Conroy Island (in Quebec across from Britannia).  It has not been relocated but given the history it could still be in the area.  It was seen active and feeding successfully.  However, the two long plumes seen on the bird on the 2nd appear to have mostly broken off.
The YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON was seen regularly morning and evenings on the lawns of Delaney Ave. in the Corkery area until the 6th.   
There has been only one arrival this week, and aside from these rarities, there has been little else of note in the region this week.  Weather has settled into a typical early summer pattern, and spring migration is pretty much finished. 
A RED-BREASTED MERGANSER at Andrew Haydon park on the 5th, and 2 COMMON GOLDENEYE on the Ottawa River near Remic Rapids on the 9th and 11th were two late waterfowl of note.  
2 LEAST BITTERN were at Baie McLaurin on June 4.  This area is a known breeding spot for this very local species. 
Shorebirds are now virtually gone from the region.  There were a few birds at Giroux pond on the 8th, but barring something unusual, birders will have to wait until late July to see shorebirds again.  The only other item of note in this bird family was that 2 fledged UPLAND SANDPIPER chicks were seen near Moodie and Barnsdale.   
ARCTIC TERNS are still being seen almost every day from Britannia point; this will likely be their last week.  CASPIAN TERNS have been reported a few times from the Ottawa River as well as the Moodie Drive pond (most recently on the 11th); they can now be expected in small numbers but irregularly until the fall.  BONAPARTE’S GULLS are still regular along the Ottawa River.  
A NORTHERN GOSHHAWK was seen on the OFO walk on the 6th, on the 9th Conc. Pakenham in Lanark County. 
A YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER at Lac Leamy on the 9th was probably one of the last spring migrants in the region. 
A YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO was heard at Morris Island on the 10th.  
There was an ebird report of 4 GRAY JAY north of Quyon Quebec on the 6th, but there is no information available on the specific locale. 
A sighting of GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER on Chemin Terry Fox in Les Collines de l’Outaouais on the 7th  is notable since it is outside the usual spot on the near Dunrobin.   
The Burnt Lands Provincial Park off March Road is a good place for sparrows, especially given the limited access to the area south of the Ottawa airport.  8 species were seen/heard there on a field trip, most notably many CLAY-COLOURED and GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS. 
The OFNC's Birds Committee no longer reports owl sightings on the Internet.  We will continue to encourage the reporting of owls to sightings at ofnc.ca for the purpose of maintaining local records. 
Thanks to everyone who contributed bird observations.
Good birding. 		 	   		  

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