[Ontbirds] Little Egret found yesterday (17th) - Manotick south of Ottawa

Bob Cermak robertcermak9 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 18 18:25:02 EDT 2015

We received information this afternoon but have just (5 p.m.) received pictures and directions to the bird found and photographed yesterday (17th). The pictures confirm the bird as a Little Egret, almost certainly the same bird seen previously. The bird was seen on the Rideau River and in a tree near a small swamp.

The bird was seen from Rideau Valley Drive on the Rideau River back channel which is the portion of the Rideau river west of Manotick island. There is a small swamp beside Rideau Valley Drive north of the east end of Bankfield Rd which is just north of the Bridge St bridge. 
The directions we were given are: 

"the bird was north of Manotick on Rideau Valley Drive.  If you drive along the east side of the road - along the guard-rail, there is a small spot to pull off the road on the east side where the guard rail ends.  A short walk back (south) along the guard rail to the small swamp that is visible on the river side of the road."

High cliffs make the river extremely difficult to see in this area.
A birder is there now (5:30) but has not found the bird.
We will post if it is refound.

Directions: 416 to Bankfield Rd, east on Bankfield Rd to the Rideau River.

Good luck,


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