[Ontbirds] American White Pelican - Cootes Paradise, Hamilton

Joanne Redwood jem.redwood at live.ca
Thu Jun 18 22:22:02 EDT 2015

To anyone who might still want to see the American White Pelican in Cootes Paradise....  I saw the bird for the past three days in a row in the same location where I first saw it a week ago, on the west tip of Hickory Island.  At times I have seen it flying around Cootes Paradise or swimming in the middle of the marsh but it always goes back to that spot.  This week I have viewed the pelican from Princess Point, just a very short walk to the left of the parking lot on Princess Point Trail to an open areas where you can see the bird with bins or scope.  (I did not need a scope.)  This link includes a map of Cootes Paradise Marsh:  https://www.rbg.ca/Document.Doc?id=120
Directions to Princess Point:  403 Hamilton to York Blvd, right on Dundurn, right on King St., right on Macklin, continue into Princess Point parking lot.  It will cost you 50 cents for parking unless you want to spend more time there.  Park as far in the parking lot as you can.  Look for Princess Point Trail and walk to the left.  You should be able to view the bird from the first open area that you come to but may get better views if you walk a little farther to the next opening.  (Keep in mind that there may be periods of time when the bird is out of sight although I have not experienced that.)

Good birding!Joanne 		 	   		  

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