[Ontbirds] American Avocet in Ottawa

Paul Matthews pdmatthews at rogers.com
Wed Jun 24 15:12:32 EDT 2015

The American Avocet was still at the mouth of the Pinecrest Creek in Ottawa at around 2:15PM today. Unfortunately it was being harassed by a largeish group of photographers (8 or 9), including some of the usual culprits, who had walked out into the marsh and almost onto the little spit it has been using for the past several days. When I got my scope on it (from the vantage point of the bike path), the bird was right at the end of the spit, bobbing its head-- often a sign of agitation in shorebirds. Sure enough it soon flushed, but as it has essentially nowhere to go because of a lack of suitable habitat, it did go very far, but it alighted so that it was now no longer visible to me and I could not enjoy viewing it any more. These people's selfishness and lack of regard for both bird and other observers boggles the mind, particularly after a similar episode a couple of days ago was reported on Ontbirds by Mark Gawn.

Directions: Until late afternoon, when the sun becomes a problem, best views are probably from the east. Park in the Deschenes Rapids lot off the Ottawa River Parkway and walk west along the bike path for a good vantage point. Otherwise, try Britannia Point, at the very end of Cassels St through the water filtration plant. Don't be a jerk: don't walk into the marshy area at the mouth of the Pinecrest Creek.

Paul Matthews, Ottawa

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