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Thu Jun 25 17:37:07 EDT 2015

Nancy and I headed to the east end of the GTA today in the hopes that the Little Egret would be rediscovered and we could drive to see it and bypass the morning rush hour. (Of course it was rediscovered after we arrived home at 4 PM). 
We decided to check out the Western Meadowlark near Bethany reported earlier this spring. As we arrived at the location and opened our windows we immediately heard the song of a Western Meadowlark. It took a little while for us to locate it in a leafless tree on the top of the hill west of Pit Rd. As Nancy was observing it though the scope it had been only singing the Western Meadowlark song, we heard an Eastern Meadowlark and I asked Nancy to be sure that the bird she was looking at wasn't singing she said it was now singing but it was the Eastern Meadowlark song. 
Being a little skeptical I watched the bird through that scope and saw it sing and we heard the Eastern Meadowlark song. I watched it for another 5 or so minutes and it eventually vocalized again and it was the Western Meadowlark song. 
I have tried to find out some information on the internet but so far haven't been able to determine if this has been noted before and if it would suggest that this bird was a hybrid or if it was a Western Meadowlark which has learned the Eastern Meadowlark song. 
Any comments would be appreciated. Please email me privately.

Directions as per Geoff Carpentier:From jct. of Hwy 35 and 7A go east to first road on the right (south) – this is Pit Road., then go south about 150 meters to a large open field on your right (west). This is just north of house #64. The bird sings from the top of the hill and often sits in what appears to be a Hawthorn. This is private property and the neighbours are nervous as there have been some break-ins lately, so pls stay on the road at all times. Garth Riley
Etobicoke, Ontario
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