[Ontbirds] Black rail, Kinmount

Dave Bailey whaler at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 12 08:14:40 EDT 2015

At 6:15pm, Saturday July 11, I observed a black rail near Kinmount, Ontario. As measured by my GPS, it was approximately 2.5 kilometres south of town on Highway 121 (GPS measurement from where I parked my car to the Kinvale Restaurant in town). I first saw it run out into the road from the east side, about halfway, then double back. After finding a safe place to turn around, I saw it do the same thing as I went northbound. I waited about 15 minutes but it did not reappear. It was about 50 metres north of the driveway for address 3812, where the GPS coordinates are N44.76117 W78.65005  I have little more than a fast moving black speck on my dashcam video.

Dave Bailey

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