[Ontbirds] Stilt Sandpiper at Beeton Sod Farms, 17 July 2015

Wayne Renaud waynerenaud12 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 08:03:17 EDT 2015

An adult feeding with three Solitary Sandpipers in a very shall pond only
about 60 m from the road; scooped from the road and could clearly identify
the heavily-barred under parts, dark blotches on back; long black slightly
curved bill; pale yellow legs and reddish crest and cheek patches.
When the flock flush I saw the white rump.  I did have my camera but it was
drizzling at the time so no photos.  I returned to pond about 2 hours later
but the could not find the bird.  The exact location of the location of
sighting was about 100 m west of the intersection of 10th Side Road and 11
Line (the address of the business at the corner is 3763 11th Line,
Beaverton) near where a clearly-marked gas pipeline is located by signage.
This area had far less water when I birded in with Ross Harris last Sunday
and hopefully there will some heavy rain tonight to restore some of these
low areas for other typical shorebirds usually found here from mid-July to
late August.

exit Hwy. #400 north of Toronto to Hwy. 53; head west to Bond Head; turn
north on County Road #27; turn west at 8th Line to Beeton; turn north at
Palmerston or 8th Side Road and proceed north to 11th line.

Wayne Renaud (289-828-0043)

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