[Ontbirds] Hawk Cliff Hawkwatch (12 Sep 2015) 3625 Raptors

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Sun Sep 13 01:05:46 EDT 2015

Hawk Cliff Hawkwatch
Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada
Daily Raptor Counts: Sep 12, 2015

Species            Day's Count    Month Total   Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Black Vulture                0              0              0
Turkey Vulture               0              0              0
Osprey                      15             68             72
Bald Eagle                   1             17             17
Northern Harrier            64            149            154
Sharp-shinned Hawk         741           1183           1191
Cooper's Hawk                6             12             12
Northern Goshawk             0              0              0
Red-shouldered Hawk          0              0              0
Broad-winged Hawk         2633           3026           3026
Red-tailed Hawk              2              9              9
Rough-legged Hawk            0              0              0
Golden Eagle                 0              0              0
American Kestrel           157            867            876
Merlin                       6             17             17
Peregrine Falcon             0             15             15
Unknown Accipiter            0              0              0
Unknown Buteo                0              0              0
Unknown Falcon               0              0              0
Unknown Eagle                0              0              0
Unknown Raptor               0              0              0

Total:                    3625           5363           5389

Observation start time: 07:00:00 
Observation end   time: 16:00:00 
Total observation time: 9 hours

Official Counter:        Jennifer Lyon

Observers:        Bill Read, Dave Brown, Derek Lyon, Jim Dunn, Keith Sealy,
                  Mary Carnahan, Pete Chapman, Steve Birch, Tom Bolohan

Many visitors today for the 1st day of the first open house weekend. Thanks
to everyone who helped with today's events and to all the observers and

The day started out wet very early this morning but the rain moved off to
the east just enough to open it up a bit with some sun and cloud. Winds
were light to start but strengthened quite nicely from the N and NNE. Temp
was cooler today with a high of 16C.

Raptor Observations:
After a slow start with a few AKs and Sharpies...the Broadwings eventually
got up into the air and we ended up with a great flight of 3,625 birds. The
bulk of these were Broadwings with 2,633 and Sharpies (741) which is an
awesome count for this time frame! Other species included Osprey (15) one
of which flew right over the observation knoll just above tree top
height...along with 1 Bald Eagle that appeared to be sub-adult and cruised
over at quite a height and making a beeline to the west. Also, a good
number of Northern Harriers (64), a few Cooper's Hawks (6), a steady push
of Kestrels (157) and Merlin (6). We also counted a couple of Redtails that
moved through with the Broadwings.  All around an excellent flight and
likely just the vanguard of larger Broadwing flights sometime over the next
week or so. 

Non-raptor Observations:
Several Common Loons were spotted headed south and westward...lots of Am.
Goldfinch, many Northern Flicker and a single Pileated Woodpecker, a RT
Hummingbird, a flock of Cedar Waxwings and what appeared to be an E. Pewee.
I didn't get anything else specifically reported for passerines.

There were good numbers of Monarchs on the move with a couple of small
roosts of them on the east side of the treeline towards the cliff.

Sunday looks to be a really good migration day once again and if the rain
stays to the east and the air stays dry we may see another good flight like
we had today. Winds are supposed to be NW and then WNW and strong.
Report submitted by Dave Brown (thebrowns at ezlink.on.ca)
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