[Ontbirds] OFO Hamilton trip: Details for Saturday Oct 3

Leonard Manning olivesided at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 10:32:04 EDT 2015


A few things are worth mentioning regarding the upcoming OFO Hamilton trip,
this Saturday, October 3rd.
See current forecast for Saturday:


We lake watchers use Burlington, as this weather station is much more
accurate for near the lake forecasts, than the Hamilton station, which is
actually up in Mount Hope, near Hamilton Airport.
This trip aims to feature specialties of the west end of Lake Ontario, such
as Jaegers, Phalaropes, Kittiwakes, Gulls and other seabirds. The current
forecast (strong East winds) looks incredibly promising for some of these
to occur. So if the weather remains unchanged, we will meet at 8 AM at
Hutch`s and likely stay ON THE BEACH watching the lake for 2 or so hours.
Scope is recommended and those without one do not worry as we will all do
our best to share so everyone can get a look at the birds on the lake.
Dress for the wet and cold. Winds at the lake will be blowing directly in
your face and 35 KM E is a mighty fine breeze and your face will be raw,
and your eyes will be watery. But there may be seabirds.

After we will meander around Van Wagners Ponds looking for passerines in
secluded areas, and then we will break for lunch around 11:30 or noon.
Hutch`s is a fish and chips joint that caters to those with heart healthy
diets in mind. After about 45 minutes of eating we will check Windermere
basin for ducks and shore birds and then we will be done. Of course any
known rarity that happens to be in the area, we will also go look for.

NELSONS SPARROWS are NOT on the agenda this year again, as this year, the
RBG has again ramped up security by installing actually metal fences along
Cootes Drive(where we access the marsh) so that you cannot access this
`sanctuary` or whatever they decide to call it this year. Keeping
pesky birders off of their property seems to be their mandate!

I will be doing ebird lists so if you want them I do not mind sharing.
Please respond privately to this e mail with your ebird user name so I can
have them all ready to go for right after the trip.

Any questions please e mail me and we will see you on Saturday

Len Manning

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