[Ontbirds] Cranberry Marsh Hawk Watch - 30 Sept. 2015 - 626 Raptors

Jean Iron jean.iron at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 30 20:37:13 EDT 2015

Cranberry Marsh Hawk Watch

Whitby, Ontario

Wednesday 30 September 2015


Total Species: 13

Turkey Vulture 414

Osprey 3

Bald Eagle 22

Northern Harrier 14

Sharp-shinned Hawk 72

Cooper's Hawk 6

Northern Goshawk 1

Red-shouldered Hawk 1

Broad-winged Hawk 9

Red-tailed Hawk 22

American Kestrel 51

Merlin 7

Peregrine Falcon 2

Unidentified 2

Total Individuals: 626

Observation time: 8.5 hours


Official Counter: Jean Iron. Many thanks to a great team of observers.


Observers: Eleanor Beagan, Jerry Ball, Ross Lamb, Rick LaForest, Betsy
Smith, Charmaine Anderson, Allan  Chapman, Charlie Adey, Karl Jennewein, Les
Sayers, Pat Schleiffer, and many more visitors.


Weather: Wind strong out of northeast


Other birds: 50 species highlights: 16 species of ducks, geese and swans,
including 2 white morph Snow Geese; 10 Great Egrets; 1 juvenile
Black-crowned Night-Heron; 1 American Coot; 1 Pied-billed Grebe; 4 Greater
and 1 Lesser Yellowlegs; 1 Wilson's Snipe; 1 juvenile Black-bellied Plover;
3 Wild Turkeys (on Halls Road); 4 Common Ravens; 13,930+ Blue Jays - they
streamed across all day, 40 American Pipits; 59 Rusty Blackbirds, with 5
feeding on the path, 1 White-crowned Sparrow; and 4 White-throated Sparrows.


Monarch Migration: about 35


Viewing over the marsh is excellent from the south platform with very good
numbers of waterfowl to check through.


OFO Fall Hawkwatching Guide



Directions: Exit from the 401 at Brock St. in Whitby. Go south on Brock St.
to Victoria St. Go west on Victoria to Halls Road. Go south on Halls Rd to

the second walkway to Cranberry Marsh.


Data will be submitted to HMANA and eBird.


Jean Iron



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